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We would like to thank:


  • All of our newsmakers and contacts, in particular the foster parents and young adults, for trusting us and sharing your deepest struggles and joys.

  • Ken and Addy from The Last Resort for their knowledge, contacts and passion that have helped us greatly in our project.

  • The Ministry of Social and Family Development for answering all our questions and granting us permission to speak with foster parents. Special shoutout to Hasibah, who has been endlessly patient with us.

  • Our illustrator Meilissa Johana for her creative mind.

  • Uncle Teo from Teo Huat Enterprise @ Katong Shopping Centre for his patient services.

  • Ms Jessica Tan for her editorial advice and encouragement.




All Roads Lead To Home


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First published in March 2019


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From L-R: Gracia Lee, Tiong Linshan, Brendan Conceicao, Christy Yip